Marketing to Smartphone Users: Tips for How to Generate and Track Inbound Calls

By Blair Symes, Demand Generation Manager at Ifbyphone .(

These days it seems like everyone has a smartphone. People spend a significant amount of time each day on their mobile devices, and that includes time searching for and calling businesses. If you aren’t making it easy for them to find and call you – and if you aren’t advertising your business on mobile – you are missing a potentially lucrative marketing opportunity.

How Mobile Differs from Other Marketing

If you decide to build a mobile marketing strategy ( Referral Traffic),

keep this in mind: When people are searching for businesses on their smartphones, they often prefer to call the company rather than fill out a web form. It’s easier and more natural.

And it’s also great news for marketers – inbound calls are usually more valuable to sales managers than web downloads. So as you devise your mobile marketing strategy, be sure to focus on driving phone leads.

Some Tips for Driving Phone Leads from Mobile Marketing

  • Have a mobile-friendly version of your web site with a clickable phone number (a mobile click-to-call link) prominently displayed. When clicked, it will automatically trigger a call to your business from that smartphone.
  • Test out different Google mobile paid search ads. Include a clickable phone number for people to call your business straight from the ad. Be sure the mobile landing page for each ad also displays a clickable number prominently.
  • Test out a few banner ads with a call to action of “Tap to Call”. You can run these with display networks targeting mobile sites and mobile apps.
  • Be sure all your emails are mobile-friendly. Chances are a good percentage of your audience is reading your email on their smartphones. Include a clickable phone number prominently in each one.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Mobile Marketing with Call Tracking

The most successful mobile marketers are the ones that track inbound phone leads back to their specific marketing source. These marketers can do four things:

  1. 1. Determine that an inbound call came from a mobile marketing campaign vs. a non-mobile marketing source.
  2. 2. Pinpoint exactly which mobile PPC ad, keyword search, banner ad, mobile app, social media post, email, text or other source the call came from.
  3. 3. Track each phone lead through its lifecycle to see if it becomes an opportunity and ultimately turns into revenue.
  4. 4. Use this data to optimize marketing spend and maximize lead volumes by only reinvesting in the programs that are working.

Voice-based marketing automation ( solutions help marketers attribute calls from smartphones (and the pipeline and revenue they generate) to specific mobile marketing sources. They work by providing business with unique trackable phone numbers that you insert in your mobile marketing. So if a smartphone user clicks a mobile click-to-call link in a specific Google PPC ad, banner ad, email, or text, for example, and calls you, the solution knows exactly where they are calling from, and so will you.

What’s more, when smartphone users visit your mobile site, browse around, and eventually click on a phone number to call you, voice-based marketing automation solutions can attribute that call to the original source that sent them there. So you can tell which mobile ad, social media app, third-party web site, QR code, organic search term or any other referring source is helping you generate smartphone leads.

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