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Tracking Phone Calls Alongside Other Data with Google’s Universal Analytics

Recently, Google announced the public availability of Universal Analytics, the successor to its popular Google Analytics platform. If you aren’t familiar with Universal Analytics, it’s like Google Analytics on steroids. Where Google Analytics lets you analyze activity on your web site, Universal Analytics can include and display data from any source and device, like mobile, […]

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BlackBerry 10: What’s the impact on Enterprise Mobility?

By Kavyanidhi Narayan, Marketing Manager, RapidValue Solutions The BlackBerry 10 has arrived! On 30th Jan’13, Research In Motion (RIM) unveiled its latest BlackBerry mobile devices – BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones for users worldwide. The device is available for Asia, Canada, Middle East and UK markets this month. And for the U.S. region in […]

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Navigating the Enterprise Mobile Landscape: Key factors to Consider in 2013

By Kavyanidhi Narayan, Marketing Manager, RapidValue Solutions The mobile solution and its ecosystem are huge, rapidly growing and moving forward faster than expected. Mobility seems to have the highest impact on enterprises today. Managing a real-time enterprise, enabling a mobile workforce, and understanding the value of data driven decision making has become critical for organizations. […]

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